Rudy Wolff was born in Norway at the end of the hippie era and grew up in the synthpop epoch. Already from her childhood on, she was into ancien régime history and high fashion. After studying languages at high school, she soon started with university studies in history, art history, and literature. This was later supplied by innovation and marketing at BI Norwegian Business School. Today she studies French and pedagogy.


As for her professional career, she started as a a high school lecturer after frelancing, with many parallell projects such as running her own boutique or writing articles for lifestyle magazines. In 2009 she debuted as an autodidact couture designer, and within the first five years she had shows and exhibitions over three continents. Later combining this with photography and art, she has organized three solo exhibitions as well. So far.


From 2012 she has marked her presence in France, where she typically spends parts of the year, and is currently working on various Norwegian-French projects while also teaching expats Norrwegian for a global contractor. "- I go where desity, with a good help from myself, takes me," she adds.

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